This page contains answers to frequently asked questions and helpful tips for using our Web site.

Race Registration

  1. When I tried registering for a race, I get an error code response?
    • Error Code 2 Line 3-4-5: Transaction declined by credit card company. Insufficient funds or other reason. Check with your bank.
    • Error Code 3 Line 1 or Error Code 2 Line 127: This means that you did not fill in the correct billing address associated with the credit card you used.
    • Error Code 3 Line 8: Credit card has expired.
    • Error Code 3 Line 11: Duplicate Transaction submitted. Transactions with same amounts will need to wait at least two minutes to bypass fraudulent error checking.
    • Error Code 3 Line 25-26: Payment processing is currently down. Please try again later.
    • Error Code 3 Line 27-28: Credit card is not accepted by merchant. We only accept Visa or Mastercard for online payments and checks for manual payments.
  2. Why do I have to register an account to register for a race?
    We require user registration before registering for a race so that we can connect race registration with race results. This will allow you to login to our Web site in the future and see results from all your Mammoth Marathon races you participate with.